About Corey 


What’s up fins nation. My name is Corey and I’m a (basically) lifelong Miami Dolphins fan from Long Island, NY. 

My journey as a fan began when I was in Middle School, over 15+ years ago. The Dolphins were winless at that point in time, and on the verge of being the only winless team in NFL history through a 16+ game season. Now I’m sure you’re wondering hey core, why the fuck would you become a fan when Miami couldn’t beat your 8th-grade football team?

At the time, I was new to football both as a fan and as a player myself. Where I grew up, it’s essentially Jets country. All of my friends growing up were Jets fans. Fuck.. we even had a shuttle that took fans from my hometown in Nassau County all the way to the Meadowlands for Jets gameday (which I can confirm is still running).


Sure I could have been a Jets fan. But in the earlier stages of my adolescence even I knew.. that being a J E T S fan would S U C K. But Core, what about the Giants? I hear you saying. Yeah, I guess I could have been a Giants fan. But nothing about them appealed to me.

Rewind about 10 years prior to this monumentous decision that I can’t believe you’ve made it this far to read about.. my first introduction to the Miami Dolphins was in the 1990s. But no, it wasn’t Dan Marino or Shula or even Jason Taylor who I would meet years later that hooked me.. it was good old Jim Carrey. I was OBSESSED with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. I can honestly say I’ve seen it close to 100 times in my life, and every year, I go back to my roots and watch it right before the start of football season.

Allllllllrighty then. So basically, that movie stayed implanted in my brain all the through to my teenage years. So when it came time to pick a football team, in my head I said… oh yeah, the Dolphins are an actual NFL team? And with them being winless, it felt like the perfect time to start from zero and go up (we didn’t go up much though lol). So I made a decision that years later led to me writing this bio on this website that I made.

I’m a true blue (Aqua) Dolphins fan who has seen every game since the 2008 season. I’ve traveled to see our Fins on the road in New England, New Jersey, and I’ve even been to Miami a few times now (of course). I’ve done training camp, met players past and present, and have read every beat writers’ article that I can get my hands on without a paywall.

But now… being a Dolphins fan in this area can feel rather isolating. My goal for this site is to connect with Dolphins fans across the globe (yes, they love us over in England) and share my appreciation with other fans who care so deeply about our Aqua and Orange squad. And yes, it’s Aqua. Not fucking turquoise.

Hit me with a follow on Twitter if you want to connect @MiamiofLI.

Fins up forever. Or is it “Go Fins” now thanks to that lawsuit from Jimmy Buffet? Ehhh it’s up for debate.