"Hey Albert can I get a pic?" "Get ready."

First ever blog post, before I even set up the site completely. I’m a lazy bastard and would rather get right into it than go through the trials and tribulations of building my first-ever website.

Anyway, my name is Corey and I’m a 15+ year Miami Dolphins fan. I grew up in Jets country on Long Island and now I live in Queens (still Jets country). I plan on saving the details of my experiences being a fan of the only undefeated team in NFL history.. but for now, this is just a simple intro.

My goal for this site is to connect with Dolphins fans across the world while also becoming a public voice/opinion on a team that I love so dearly. I plan on sharing experiences, stories, make my own opinions, and all of that fun stuff.

Above all else, fins up and God bless Tua.

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