Odell Beckham in Miami

Welcoming Odell to Miami

It wasn’t too long ago that I was the biggest Odell Beckham Jr hater this side of Nassau County.

I’m sure if you did a quick search for “Odell” through my Twitter account you’d probably find old tweets of me disparaging the man. While this was years ago, I certainly remember my primary complaints. Arrogant, cocky, weird hair. Beating the crap out of that kicking net which is now a moment that lives in NY sports history. And let’s not forget about the iconic boat photo that Tyreek Hill so fondly joked about:

That being said, I was a completely different football fan back then (and as a sports fan in general). Being where I’m from, you’re taught as an athlete to put your head down, get the job done, and go home. My opinion on that has changed drastically in recent years. Sports are intended to be fun. I think sports are also becoming a matter of expression. Odell is an excellent case study on this evolution.

How Does Odell Fit In With The Dolphins?

Since then, I’ve become way more receptive to the idea of expressing emotion, opinion, and flare in the NFL. And what better place for Odell to do that than the cultural hub of the southeast? Miami and Odell is a match made in heaven. Not just off the field but also on it. One thing I think we can all agree on was that the Dolphins were severely lacking weapons outside of Hill and Jaylen Waddle last season. Yes, Achane was explosive, but he missed a good portion of the season and was rendered ineffective in the playoff game (granted, so was everyone else).

Grier came into this offseason with the mission of finding the Dolphins more weapons on offense to help them distribute the ball and spread the field out. They lacked a strong #3 WR or a pass-catching TE. No disrespect to Smythe or Berrios but those guys are better served to be in reserve roles. Adding Beckham as your #3 along with a pass-catching TE in Jonnu Smith (who I blogged about recently this year) makes the Dolphins a drastically improved offense. And bear in mind, that’s an offense that finished as one of the best in the NFL last season.

Despite their success on that side of the ball last year, does anyone else feel like the 2022 Dolphins were a better offensive version than 2023? It felt like they had more guys they could go to (Gesicki, Sherfield was strong that year) instead of force-feeding the ball to Tyreek Hill. I sincerely hope they take that mindset into this season, which appears to be the case based on these acquisitions. Having multiple guys the defense needs to account for makes it tougher for them to gameplan. It also increases depth which was a huge problem last year when Hill and Waddle were both literally playing on one leg.

Let’s Ride. OBJ in MIA.

To wrap it up, I am PSYCHED about this move. I know Odell is past his prime but we don’t need to be the Odell of old. He is perfect as #3 and looks exactly like the guy we need to take this offense to another level. I leave you with his highlights from last season for research purposes:

Oh and before I forget.. this hype video OBJ posted sent me. If this doesn’t get you psyched, what will? Check that pulse baby:

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